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Des liliputiennes armées de crème à raser

septembre 28, 2015

pub mauvaise

Des femmes miniatures, des soumises au sourire drogué à la servitude, sur mes jambes ?

Je ne sais pas à qui s’adresse ce genre de pub.

Je peux me raser toute seule les jambes. Pas besoin de liliputiennes bronzées aux dents plus blanches que les miennes.

J’accepterais bien leur uniforme, toutefois, à ma taille.

Une chatte comme la bouche de Homer Simpson?

mars 1, 2010

Au naturel, trimées, baby shave, stylées coupe Mohawh ou piste d’atterissage, mais pas encore avec des cristaux Swarovski comme Bryce Gruber a testé récemment pour un reportage audacieux pour The Luxury Spot, les chattes se montrent et se font noter sur un site rigolo mais parfois crissement chiant style je-n’ai-jamais-vu-de-fille-toute-nue-de-ma-vie-à-part-sur-les-affiches-collées-dans-le-garage-de-mon-père-j’ai-une-face-de-merde-mais-je-supporte-pas-qu’une-fille-aie-un-téton-plus-gros-que-l’autre.

Des girls next door et des cougars trop bronzées s’affichent dans leur tenue de tous les jours, en robe noire sérieuse, ou en jeans et chemisier trop serré, et elles demandent à ce que nous devinions l’aspect de leur chatte, juste à admirer leur sourire. Une photo des pétasses toutes nues est ensuite révélée : c’est joyeusement mouillant, ou terrifiant.

Quelques commentaires suivent la surprise d’une chatte dévoilée. Enjoy.

1. « Looks like somebodys been tearin that pussy up. Is that a herpes pimple? Going to get a rubber to jerk off with. Just can’t be too careful.»

2. « She looked good on her wedding day but let herself go after she got her man.»

3. « I wish she would have kept her clothes on! – she just looks like she has a lot of personal problems – i know it – not to mention that is not her home – she dosn’t live there- girls like that live in dirty disheveled apartments to go with their dirty disheveled lives!»

4. « It looks like a Homer Simpson mouth with black stubble. I am a fan of the shaven pussy but in some cases they should be left natural. I think this girl proves this. I probably would cock her but i would be scared of that rough hack job, but as they say, any hole’s a goal.»

5. « She is adjusting her butt plug. That’s why shes smiling.»

6. « Got no probs with her taking it up the pooper, but the shaved pussy and piercing make her just one more follow the leader dumb chick. All she needs is a bad boob job and she will look like every other pornstar or club whore. Yawn.»

7. « Not only would I crush it, I’d keep her locked away in a dungeon where she will be deprived of any source of light lest she get any color to her ivory skin or fresh air to clear up her face. Comon fellas! With a great body, it’s sometimes nice that they have a dinged up face. Unlike the totally beautiful girls, these slags know they have to work a little harder. I like that.»

8. « I’d Lick it and stick and stroke it and poke 5 times a day. Wouldn’t have to worry about spending money on clothes she’d be naked 24/7. For fags who cut her down you need to go suck a dick apparently that’s your life’s calling. Trust me I’m 50 yrs old and I learned a long time ago the ones who aren’t drop dead gorgeous are the ones that fuck the best and you don’t have to work so hard to get it. I’d let her put her shoes under my bed anytime. She has an incredible body and is cute. DEFINITELY FUCKABLE.»

9. « Lovely girl. She could charm the hell out of your Mom, then suck your dick in the laundry room while Mom makes you two a sandwich for lunch…»

10. «That has got to smell bad.»

À regarder avant de passer sous la douche et de se baby shaver la chatte ou de se crosser: