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Comment se fabriquer un pénis

janvier 19, 2011

Je vous avais promis d’essayer un jour le Clone-A-Pussy, je ne l’ai malheureusement pas encore fait. Mais je suis tombée sur un article dans lequel un mec raconte son expérience avec un Clone-A-Willy. Tordant. À lire absolument.

Only after popping the seal and spilling out the contents did I finally see the real directions involved. Particularly the one stating that this is a project best handled by two people, or to at least have a “penis pump” or “penis ring” on hand. Well, although I am married, I don’t have the luxury of being with my wife at present, and I don’t think this is one of those projects where you can drive down to Home Depot and pay a couple dudes to help you out (maybe other parts of town, sure, but a pirate’s life is not for me!). And as for the aforementioned penile accessory items, who the hell just happens to have these things on hand? I certainly don’t … but now I’m thinking maybe I should? Anyway, where there is a stupid will there is always a dumb way. So I made the decision to go it alone and play MacGyver. I didn’t have a vacuum on hand to simulate a penis pump, but I figured some rubber bands would do the constricting trick just fine.

But all of the above was nothing compared to the most important direction: “You have just two minutes to mix the molding gel and insert your penis.” Two minutes?! The last thing I needed was anything vaguely resembling performance anxiety and this just slipped a guillotine of self-doubt into place…

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