Tarentules ou faux cils?


À lire pour rire: un article au titre trompeur!

Extraits de conseils pour être plus désirées par les mecs:

“See a man you like? Befriend his mother and get her to tell you what he’s wearing so you can pick a matching outfit each morning. Imitation is key.”

“Instead of shaving your arms weekly, add more hair to them and become a human blanket for your boyfriend in the winter.”

“Don’t expose too much of your skin. It’s important to leave some to the imagination. Help prompt his imagination with sexy texts like “Just ate the piece of popcorn I lost last night, I found it in the bra I’ve been wearing for the past 3 weeks! ;)””

“Instead of wearing fake eyelashes that bear resemblance to spiders growing out of your eyes, adopt and train two pet tarantulas to crawl around your face at all times.”

Étiquettes :

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